(Equinox Beaubrook x Robbi Sue Misalert)
1993 bay dun stallion

Those who know Morgan duns know this stallion. "Zeke" is on the majority of all the lineback pedigrees in the Morgan breed. Not only does Zeke have a prolific history, his get have gone on to make significant colorful contributions. Though it is easy to overlook temperament in a color like this, Zeke is truly the total package. He is our first stallion, and we couldn't be luckier. Zeke is an amazing specimen, a rare combination of docile gentleness with the charisma and presence of a magnificent stallion. We are smitten with this gem and are grateful to Tami Kikta for allowing us this opportunity.

Equinox Beaubrook

Ashbrook Darling

Lippitt Ethan Ash
Royalton Joan Darling
Equinox Sarah Mia Equinox Royalty
Royalton Darkomia

Robbi Sue Misalert

Robbi Sue Moralert Springdale King
Tamarlei Concertina
Pendleton Buck Missy King Richard

Zeke's complete pedigree can be found here.

(Ragtime Voodoo Magic x Successful Outta the Blue)
2003 grulla stallion, EE aa

This is a stallion long admired and adored by us. He was always on my bucket list of horses and when this dream became a reality it was surreal. Many hours were spent ogling his photos, and once I met him in person, I was even more floored. Truly one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen. Ever. "Mic" has a regal quality to him, and would be a breathtaking horse in any color. Coated in metallic grulla, though, he becomes awe inspiring. His personality is fun and kind, he loves people and has wonderful manners. Mic has been ridden extensively in arenas, hoping to get him out on trails and let the public see how wonderful he is. He will make a great Morgan breed ambassador and sire!

Ragtime Voodoo Magic

Edelweiss Magic Man

Suetor's Lendon
Dark Debonette
Chat's Hot Stuff Chatham
Azurewood Suzette

Successful Outta the Blue

Robbi Sue's Sweet Success Equinox Beaubrook
Robbi Sue Misalert
Royal-T Lady Kitrina Royal-T Zipalona
Foxy's Pride

Dun D's complete pedigree can be found here.

(Lineback Double Take x Coachman's Tsunami)
2015 bay dun stallion

Dante is a welcome addition to our breeding program. He is composed and balanced with a regal demeanor. This young stallion has the "it" factor, he exudes confidence and charisma. Dante has a chiseled head set beautifully on an upright neck. He has a short back and a nice hip. Dante has the curious and kind Morgan temperament and he really enjoys time spent with people.

Being one of only a few homozygous duns in the breed, he will always contribute a dun gene to his foals. In addition to providing guaranteed dun foals, we are confident Dante's quality will shine through in his babies to come.

We will be breeding Dante to a select few mares in 2017 and we anxiously await his first striped foal crop!

Lineback Double Take

Robbi Sue's Success Story

Robbi Sue's Sweet Success
In-Glen Elation
Cushman's Melanie Dun Sue Ragged Mt Fibber
Robbi-Sue's Dun Ella

Coachman's Tsunami

Stormwashed Robbi Sue's Sweet Success
DBF Black Nightcloud
UVM Impulse UVM Tennyson
UVM Bliss

Dante's complete pedigree can be found here.

(LMSterling Shining Knight x MLF Emotion)
2014 black silver stallion

Mojo is our rare black silver dapple junior stallion. He has a fun loving yet sweet and curious personality. Mojo is agile and athletic. Though there are fewer than 80 silver dapples in the Morgan breed, it is his disposition and build that we are most excited about. Mojo is homozygous black and heterozygous silver, meaning he cannot produce a chestnut foal and statistically will pass his silver gene half of the time. 2016 will be his first year at stud and we are really hopeful that he leaves a gorgeous legacy here at Mountain Home Morgans.

LMSterling Shining Knight Zeulner's Silver Legacy Zeulner's Sunka Wakan
Oregon N Blacksaddle Ecstacy
Glick's LST Becky UC Toronado
Arduns Miss Liberty
MLF Emotion
Ultimate Command   Waseeka's In Command
Rum Brook Stardust
Icestone Amaretta   Townshend Coramike

Mojo's complete pedigree can be found here.


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