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(Tocara's Double Dose x Spiced Maple Rum)
2023 grulla colt "Myles" EeaaDD

owned by Harris and Joanie Grunden

2023 dunalino colt
(DQM Kissed by Time x Coachman's Zhivana) FOR SALE

(Camas Mist Remington x Neeley's Midnite Saige)
2023 red dun colt

MHB Double Troubador
(Tocara's Double Dose x MHB Duchess of Zulu)
2023 bay dun colt EEAaDD
Owned by Kelly and Perry Lewis

MHB Belle of the Bayou
(MHB Bacchus Blessing x RG Denmark's Blue Lace)
2023 smoky grulla filly EEaaDDCr

MHB Looking for Eight
( x MHB Sweet Ragtime Seven)
2023 bay dun filly


MHB Fleur de Sterling
(Tocara's Double Dose x MHB Sterling Savoir Faire)
2022 silver dunskin mare

MHB Smoke
(DQM Kissed by Time x Tetonia Ruby Jewell)
2022 smoky black colt

Owned by Travis and Heather Karns

MHB Carondelet Rose
(EH Samuel x EH Rose)
2022 grulla filly
Owned by Kelly and Perry Lewis

MHB Caliope Jubilee
2022 bay dun filly
(Tocara's Double Dose x Tetonia Sunny Jubilee)

Owned by Leslie Richardson

MHB Bacchus Spiced Silver

(MHB Bacchus' Blessing x NHR Sugar N Spice)
2022 smoky grulla gelding

Owned by Robin Lindsey

MHB Skip in Perception
(Tocara's Double Dose x APH Blank Cheque)
2021 dunskin colt

owned by Cora Decker

MHB Septimius Tano
(Best Double O Seven x Camas Mist Snip's June)
2021 buckskin colt
Owned by Claudia Boyle

MHB Sterling Vixen

(MHB Bacchus' Blessing x Polished Sterling Silver)
2021 silver grulla filly
Owned by Laura Bagley

MHB Durango
(Tocara's Double Dose x Neeleys Midnite Saige)
2021 grulla colt
Owned by Gail Taylor

MHB Quantum of Solace
(Best's Double O Seven x Tetonia Ruby Jewell)
2020 palomino colt
sold to Erin Stanton

MHB Into the Void
(Caduceus Pericles x Camas Mist Snips June)
2019 black colt
sold to Tami Musante

MHB Blessing of a Phoenix
(TruWest Silver Suede x Alpinemist Blessing)
2019 red dun filly
First homozygous red dun in the breed
Owned by KDA Morgans

MHB Belle of Graceland
(LMSterlings Mojo x Amador Merry Bell)
2018 bay filly

MHB Ragtime Gladys
(Ragtime Dun D x Successful Sophie)
2018 brown filly
Sold to Theresa Sheridan Stockard

MHB Tupelo Pearl
(Tocara's Double Dose x APH Blank Cheque)
2018 dunskin filly
Owned by Maggie Morgan


MHB Cavalier
(Tocara's Double Dose x Polished Sterling Silver)
2018 bay dun colt
Sold to Primus Morgans

MHB Lisa Marie
(Tocara's Double Dose x Tetonia Ruby Jewell)
2018 bay dun filly

sold to Lana Leake

MHB Vestara Khai
(LM Sterling Shining Knight x Camas Mist Snips June)
2017 black silver filly
Owned by Melissa Baldwin

MHB Duchess of Zulu
(Robbi Sue Sweet Success x Lady Dun D Duchess)
2017 grulla filly

MHB Bacchus' Blessing

(Ragtime Dun D x Alpinemist Blessing)
2017 grulla colt
Retained; see stallions page for more info and pictures

MHB Endymion's Success
(Robbi Sue Sweet Success x RG Lady Grace)
2017 black gelding
Owned by Rob Alt

MHB Sterling Rain
(LM Sterling's Mojo x MOA Irish Lady)
2017 black silver filly
Sold to Lou Ann Gaskell

MHB Sterling Savoir Faire
(JKM Platnum Blue x Polished Sterling Silver)
2016 buckskin Silver dapple filly (EE)

Complete pedigree here

MHB Amadorion Rogers
(Coulee Bend Orion x Amador Merry Bell)
2016 bay colt
Complete pedigree here

MHB Sweet Ragtime Seven ("Seven")
(Robbi-Sue's Sweet Success x Ragtime Ms Independence)
2016 bay dun filly
Click here for full pedigree
Retained; see the mares page for more info and pictures

MHB Z's Purple Reign
(Ragtime Dun D x WMS Laurel Sweet Sandy)
Breed's first homozygous dun grulla filly (EEDD)
Complete pedigree here
Sold to KDA Morgans

MHB She's A Peach
(Alpinemist Sirocco x Bessias Abyssinia)
2016 dunalino filly
Complete pedigree here

MHB Lady Sterling Dove
(LMSterling Shining Knight x Lady Dun D Duchess)
2016 black silver dapple filly (EE)
Complete pedigree here
Sold to Alexis Pappas

MHB Christopher Tracy ("Trace")
(MEMC Poet x Alpinemist Cameo Rose)
2016 red dun colt
Complete pedigree here
Purchased by Maggie Morgan and Amy Ehlers.

MHB Tetonelson (Nelson)
(Ragtime Dun D x Tetonia Ruby Jewell)
2016 bay dun colt (Ee Aa Dd)
Complete pedigree here
Purchased by Amanda and Tom Ferguson



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