(JKM Platnum Blue x Polished Sterling Silver)
2016 buckskin silver mare

This young mare exemplifies the quality we aspire to when breeding for the silver gene. Faire is curvy, robust, refined, and classy. Despite her rare color, she is very much a Morgan underneath her exquisite shimmering coat.

Faire is a mellow yet curious mare and we expect great things from her in time. Once ready, she will be started under saddle and eventually we hope she passes her grace and beauty on to her foals.

JKM Platnum Blue Ragtime Doc Holliday Robbi Sue's Ragtime
Mary Mel's Irish Velvet
Prairie Hill Prima Donna Baptiste Newman Bluet
OMC Princess Serena
Polished Sterling Silver
Zeulner's Silver Legacy Zeulner's Sunka Wakan
Oregon N Blacksaddle Ecstacy
Glick's LST Becky UC Toronado
Arduns Miss Liberty

Faire's complete pedigree can be found here.

(Robbi Sue's Ragtime x Successful Outta the Blue)
2012 chestnut mare

Indy is a big, sweet, firecracker of a mare. She has a formidable presence, a sport horse build, yet a soft eye and inquisitive nature. Despite coming from a grulla dam and a buckskin sire, she has a bright coppery red coat. She is a stunning young mare and we feel very fortunate to have the last of Ragtime's breeding program here with us. Indy is half sister to our grulla stallion, Ragtime Dun D and her grandsire is the legendary Robbi-Sue's Sweet Success. We expect wonderful things from this tall, gorgeous mare.

Robbi Sue's Ragtime

Edelweiss Magic Man Suetor's Lendon
Dark Debonette
Robbi Sue Misalert Robbi Sue Moralert
Pendleton Buck Missy

Successful Outta the Blue

Robbi Sue's Sweet Success Equinox Beaubrook
Robbi Sue Misalert
Royal-T Lady Kitrina Royal T Zipalona
Foxy's Pride

Indy's complete pedigree can be found here.

(Kashen In x Red Rose Siloet)
2011 cremello mare

This is our first venture into the world of double dilutes and we couldn't be more thrilled with this young mare. She is exceptionally sweet and has a willing attitude. She has recently completed thirty days of professional training and is already being ridden on trails. Her kind and friendly nature will be an asset for her future foals, and her guaranteed color contribution is just the icing on the cake.

Kashen In Azkachina Spirit Robbi Sue's Ragtime
Ragtime Kachina
Crestfield Promise Me TVM I Promise
Crestfield Suprema
Red Rose Siloet
Triple S Bald Eagle Triple S Gold Eagle
Triple S Red Carmen
Red Rose Sarena E Quest Boogie Man
Twine Pines Sara

Cheque's complete pedigree can be found here.

(Robbi Sue's Sweet Success x Ragtime Ms Independence)
2016 bay dun mare

Following in her father's footsteps in body and mind, this girl has exactly the temperament we aspire to breed on. She would rather be with humans than horses or food. Seven is a farm favorite with her outgoing personality and curly mane. With her unflappable nature and willingness to help, we are confident this mare will make a great trail horse and breed ambassador.

Robbi Sue Sweet Success

Equinox Beaubrook Royalton Ashbrook Darling
Equinox Sarah Mia
Robbi Sue Misalert Robbi Sue Moralert
Pendleton Buck Missy

Ragtime Ms Independence

Robbi Sue's Ragtime Edelweiss Magic Man
Robbi Sue Misalert
Successful Outta the Blue Robbi Sue's Sweet Success
Royal-T Lady Kitrina

Seven's complete pedigree can be found here.

(Alpinemist Sirocco x Bessia's Abyssnia)
2016 dunalino mare

Peach is a nicely bred, friendly young mare that loves to be around people. Her pedigree boasts some greats such as Blackwood Correll, Wyoming Flyhawk, Sharthunder and she has the added bonus of a cream dilution and a dun dilution gene. Peach will be started under saddle in 2019 and with her gentle demeanor and stout build we expect her to be a main member of our riding string.

Alpinemist Sirocco

Successful Sorcerer Robbi-Sue's Sweet Success
Royal T Lady Kitrina
Bar D Paloma Bar D Major R Chee
Bar D Scarlet Dancer

Bessia's Abyssinia

Sharthunder Wyoming Flyhawk
Triple S Ebonella
Longstreet Octavia Blackwood Correll
Whippoorwill Juliet

Peach's complete pedigree can be found here.

(Teton Last Man Standing x Tetonia Misty Fire)
2017 black mare

This gorgeous filly came to us from the respected Neeley breeding program. She is tall, classy, and has a beautiful head. Her disposition is friendly and curious, exactly what we want to duplicate in our foals.

We are very fortunate to welcome this nicely pedigreed young mare to our herd. Another big thank you to Jared and Angela Neeley for breeding such exquisite Morgans and bestowing them on our program.

Teton Last Man Standing

Teton Celebration Teton Blackman
Tetonia Royalty
Tetonia Black Mist Caduceus Kirov
Tetonia Black Pearl

Tetonia Misty Fire

Amador Wrangler Amador Prince
Amador Ritzie
Tetonia Romance Caduceus Ixion
Tetonia Jewell

Saige's complete pedigree can be found here.

(Ragtime Dun D x Sable Nightingale)
2012 grulla mare

Ragtime Dun D Ragtime Voodoo Magic Edelweiss Magic Man
Dark Debonette
Successful Outta the Blue Robbi Sue's Sweet Success
Royal-T Lady Kitrina
Sable Nightingale
JMF Boogie Beam Whispering High Beam
Nicola of Will A Way
Snowdancers Shadow Magic Snowdancers Black Night
Sundowns Star Kist

June's complete pedigree can be found here.

(Zeulner's Silver Legacy x Glick's LST Becky)
2009 black silver mare

Polly is a breathtakingly beautiful mare that carries the rare silver dapple gene. She is homozygous black and has a fantastic head that sits very nicely on her curvy Morgan build. Polly has had some quality foals for Coulee Bend in Canada, and we hope she continues to produce such high caliber silver babies for us. She is professionally trained and we look forward to Polly being a breed ambassador.

Zeulner's Silver Legacy Zeulner's Sunka Wakan S Bar B Blacksaddle Chester
ZeulnersMarvelous Melody
Oregon N Blacksaddle Ecstacy H-Saracen
Blacksaddle Alexis
Glick's LST Becky
UC Toronado Tedwin Taurean
UC Fascination
Arduns Miss Liberty Appleton Corsair
Arduns Yankee Miss

Polly's complete pedigree can be found here.

(Siridian Mighty Mouse x Tetonia Jewell)
2010 chestnut mare, 100% Foundation

Ruby has a wealth of old blood very close up. She is a Domino Joe granddaughter and pretty as they come. Chiseled head and ears sit atop a compact, well boned frame. She is smart, fun, and sassy!

Siridian Mighty Mouse

G H Joppa Boncrh Chief Red Hawk
Stillwater Bon Bon
Siridian Lady Heir Siridian Legacy
Serena Rosanne

Tetonia Jewell

Domino Joe Stetson
Tetonia Warhawk Doll Amador Celebration
Tetonia Black Bird

Ruby's complete pedigree can be found here.


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