(JMF Wild Cruiser x TRW Chrissy's Doll)
2010 smoky black gelding

This is a special young man. He is out of TRW Chrissy's Doll and by JMF Wild Cruiser. Lots of well respected bloodlines in this smoky black youngster. He was imprinted at birth and is the most kind, gentle, and personable horse in the pasture. His quiet nature and trust in people let me take him through the Jackson Hole Citizen's Mounted Unit as a four year old successfully. He has been exposed to sirens, firecrackers, formation drills, hordes of tourists and is unfazed and happy to be doing it. He came in fourth out of seventy five horses in his first Competitive Trail event. We are very proud of this horse and look forward to more exciting things with him.

JMF Wild Cruiser

JMF Cruise Control Windover Regency
JMF Beam Misbehavin
JMF Wild Irish Rose Irish Entertainment
JMF Wild at Heart

TRW Chrissy's Doll

Shallow Creek's Micah MEMC Tequila Cuervo
HRG Jackson Hole
Syringa Classy Dancer Syringa Sage Piper
Syringa Spring Poppy

Skyjac's complete pedigree can be found here.


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